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Map of Water bodies in NE Minnesota

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Online mapping tools and data for natural resource planning, management, and research in Minnesota.

The Interactive Map provides a basic set of GIS tools for viewing, searching, and manipulating mapped data. These tools allows users to measure, access attribute data, conduct basic summaries, query features, and view different combinations of spatial data. Information can be shared by exporting results and map images.

The Data Catalog provides access to spatial data from trusted sources. All data are available for use within the Interactive Map and most can be downloaded for external use.


Animal rearing, crop raising, and associated activities. Examples: Feedlots, Crop Coverage

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Flora and/or fauna in the natural environment. Examples: Native Plant Communities, Trout Lakes, Wildlife Management Units

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Natural and political boundaries. Examples: Watersheds, Counties, Townships

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Current and historical weather records. Examples: Average Annual Precipitation

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Environmental resources, conservation, and degradation. Ecological classification and indexes. Examples: Conservation Easements, Closed Landfills, Ecological Classification System

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Geology & Topography

Geology, mineral resources, and elevation. Examples: Bedrock Geology, Aggregate Locations, Digital Elevation Model

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Imagery & Land Cover

Orthophotography of the landscape and land cover. Examples: 2017 Statewide Summer Imagery, 2011 NLCD Land Cover

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Transportation and communication networks, industrial resources, and water systems. Examples: Roads, Trails, Broadband Internet, Dams

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Society & Economy

Demographics and social and economic resources and challenges. Examples: Population, Cost of Living, Social Vulnerability Index

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Surface and groundwater characteristics. Examples: Wetlands, Impaired Lakes, Groundwater Recharge

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