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Title: Map2
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Keywords: Quaternary, map, glacial, Pleistocene, mapping, sediments, diamicton
Abstract: This database (D-01 Surficial Geology of Minnesota)  compiles new and previously published geologic mapping to show the surficial sediments in Minnesota. In contrast to Hobbs and Goebel (1982), where map colors indicated provenance, on this map unit colors refer to texture: green for diamicton interpreted to be till, red/orange for sand and gravel-dominated sediments, and blue for silt and clay. Glacial sediments were mapped using lithostratigraphic formation names of Johnson and others (2016) and references therein. Post glacial and proglacial sediments were named for their genesis. This data includes Peat and modern lake sediments. The  S-23 Geologic Map of Minnesota - Quaternary Geology publication (2019) is the publication version of this data and it older that this D-01 dataset.  This D-01 series is the most resent data available.
Purpose: Compilation of MGS mapping to create statewide surficial geology map.
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Credits: Minnesota Geological Survey