Metadata: ACS - Cost Burdened Households

ACS - Cost Burdened Households

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Section 1: Overview

Originator:Minnesota Compass, Natural Resources Research Institute

Title: ACS - Cost Burdened Households


Share of households paying 30% or more of their income for housing
Minnesota and U.S., 2014-2018. Tabular data acquired from Minnesota Compass and appended to shapefile by NRRI.

A household is considered housing cost-burdened when 30 percent or more of its monthly gross income is dedicated to housing. People whose housing costs exceed this threshold of affordability are likely to struggle to pay for other basic needs, forcing difficult trade-offs. Individuals and families who are cost-burdened may drop health care coverage, select less expensive child care arrangements, or skip meals to save on costs, which may result in poorer outcomes in other areas of well-being.
U.S. Census Bureau, Decennial Census and American Community Survey.

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Section 2: Data Quality

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