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MNDNR Watershed Suite

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Section 1: Overview

Originator:Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR)

Title: MNDNR Watershed Suite

Abstract: The MNDNR Watershed Suite is a collection of watershed delineations at various levels, flow network lines, and pour points. Follow the links below to the individual metadata pages for each layer:

MNDNR Watersheds
MNDNR Level 01 - HUC 02: dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_01_huc_02.html
MNDNR Level 02 - HUC 04: dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_02_huc_04.html
MNDNR Level 04 - HUC 08 - Majors: dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_04_huc_08_majors.html
MNDNR Level 07 - Minors: dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_07_minors.html
MNDNR Level 08 - All Catchments: dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_08_all_catchments.html
MNDNR Level 09 - DNR AutoCatchments: dnr_watersheds_auto_catchments.html

Minnesota Hydrologic Units
Flow Network Lines: dnr_watersheds_catchment_flow_lines.html
Pour Points: dnr_watersheds_catchment_pour_points.html

Purpose: These watershed delineations are suitable for regional and statewide GIS analysis, database tiling, reference, business reporting, small scale mapping and other business needs associated with hydrologic systems.

These polygons provide a means for organizing land use and related data in a manner which is useful for hydrologic studies and watershed based decision-making.

Flow Network Lines and Pour Points were created to aid in lake watershed management, from fish and game habitat management to calculating storm water run-off and water quality.

Time Period of Content Date: 01/25/2018

Currentness Reference: Time Period of Content Date indicates when dataset was last updated.

The geometry of this data vary widely as to their currentness. The parent dataset, MNDNR Catchments, is the maintenance version of the MNDNR Major Watershed dataset. The user of this data is encouraged to review the metadata entry for the MNDNR Watersheds Level 08 - All Catchments dataset for more detailed information concerning the currentness of this dataset.

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and Update Frequency: Yearly

Spatial Extent of Data: State of Minnesota

Bounding Coordinates: -97.23

Place Keywords: Minnesota, MN

Theme Keywords: geoscientificInformation, water, watershed, drainage area, major watershed, minor watershed, contributing area, hydrologic unit, hydrologic unit level, HUC, region, sub-region, catchment, hydrology, hydrography, watershed ratio

Theme Keyword Thesaurus: ISO 19115 Category

Access Constraints: None

Use Constraints: Use of the data are constrained only by the MNDNR GIS Data License Agreement. See the Distribution Liability section below for a link.


- As defined in the MNDNR License Agreement, users of this data must credit the Originator on published maps and analysis.

- The user shall include the Minnesota MNDNR source data Title (name).

- The user shall include the Minnesota MNDNR source data Publication Date.

- For example, Source: MNDNR Watersheds -MN DNR Level 02 - HUC04, Originator: Minnesota DNR - Division of Waters - Watershed Delineation Project, Publication Date: 4/7/2009.


- See Cartographic Lineage, Logical Consistency, Positional Accuracy, and Currentness Reference for further discussion of data capture.

- This data is not the same as any MNDNR legacy dataset. This modern MNDNR Level 02 dataset was derived directly from the MNDNR Catchment layer. The user of this data is encouraged to review the metadata entry for the MNDNR Watersheds Level 08 - All Catchments dataset for more detailed information.

- The MNDNR Level 02 Watershed dataset is specific to the state of Minnesota and is not part of the NRCS Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD).

Contact Person Information: Sean Vaughn, GIS Hydrologist
Minnesota DNR - Division of Waters
800 Oak Savanna Lane SW
Cambridge, MN  55088
Phone: 763-689-7106
Fax: 763-689-7120

Browse Graphic: Click to view a data sample.

Associated Data Sets:

Section 2: Data Quality

Attribute Accuracy:

Logical Consistency: Catchment data were originally digitized heads-up in ArcView 3.x as polyline shapefiles. These data were then incorporated into ArcINFO 7.0.3 for data scrubbing and attribute assembly. An initial ARC CLEAN was run on the data with a fuzzy tolerance of 0.1. Lines were intersected and then built into polygons. In 2008, the data was migrated into ArcGIS 9.3 where all DNR Catchment polygons were assembled into a statewide-seamless watershed dataset using ArcGIS 9.3 ArcGIS File Geodatabase topology rules and editing tools. These DNR Catchment data are topologically correct, all polygons are closed and lines intersect where intended. Data have been tested for completeness and attribute coding correctness.

Completeness: Complete over the area of the State of Minnesota

Horizontal Positional Accuracy: No quantitative studies of horizontal positional accuracy exist for the data. Although positional accuracy of watershed delineations can be arbitrary, accuracy of these data can be reasonably estimated based on the characteristics of all source materials and processing techniques to be 100 feet (30 meters) from correct position.

Vertical Positional Accuracy: No quantitative studies of vertical positional accuracy exist for the data.

Lineage: Source Scale: Source layer wshd_lev02py3: 24000

Section 3: Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4: Coordinate System

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme: Universal Transverse Mercator

UTM Zone Number: 15

Horizontal Datum: NAD83

Horizontal Units: meters

Vertical Datum: not applicable

Vertical Units: Not Applicable

Depth Datum: not applicable

Depth Units: Not Applicable

Section 5: Attributes

Overview: See attribute descriptions in the sub-metadata records for specific feature classes included in this dateset

Detailed Citation:

Table Detail:

Section 6: Distribution

Publisher: MNDNR - Division of Ecological and Water Resources - Watershed Delineation Project

Publication Date: 07/10/2014

Contact Person Information: Zeb Thomas, GIS Data Systems Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5637

Distributor's Data Set Identifier: geos_dnr_watersheds

Distribution Liability: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources General Geographic Data License Agreement is online:

Ordering Instructions: Please visit the download page for this dataset on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons website using the web link below (Online Linkage).

Online Linkage: I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will either begin the download process, link to a service, or provide more instructions. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7: Metadata Reference

Metadata Date: 06/12/2014

Contact Person Information: Zeb Thomas, GIS Data Systems Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5637

Metadata Standard Name: Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines

Metadata Standard Version: 1.2

This page last updated: 06/12/2014
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