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Ecological Sections of Minnesota

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Metadata Summary

Originator Minnesota DNR - Division of Forestry
Abstract This coverage provides information for the second level of the Ecological Classification System. The boundaries of the polygons of this coverage were derived from Land Type Association (LTA) delineations that were compiled from a visual/interpretive process using Topography, Wetlands, Surficial Geology, Soils, Landsat Imagery and Climatic conditions.
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Time Period of Content Date 1999
Currentness Reference The ECS Section level polygons were delineated during part of the process of identifying Land Type Associations in 1997-1998 and are a refinement of the original ECS
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Use of the data are contrained only by the DNR GIS Data License Agreement
Distributor Organization DNR-MIS
Ordering Instructions See Online Linkage or Distribution Contact
Online Linkage http://deli.dnr.state.mn.us/

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Ecological Sections of Minnesota

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1. Identification Information
2. Data Quality Information
3. Spatial Data Organization Information
4. Spatial Reference Information
5. Entity and Attribute Information
6. Distribution Information
7. Metadata Reference Information

Section 1 Identification Information   Top of page
Originator Minnesota DNR - Division of Forestry
Title Ecological Sections of Minnesota
Abstract This coverage provides information for the second level of the Ecological Classification System. The boundaries of the polygons of this coverage were derived from Land Type Association (LTA) delineations that were compiled from a visual/interpretive process using Topography, Wetlands, Surficial Geology, Soils, Landsat Imagery and Climatic conditions.
Use Tips
Purpose This dataset can be used for a variety of planning activities and education.
Time Period of Content Date 1999
Currentness Reference The ECS Section level polygons were delineated during part of the process of identifying Land Type Associations in 1997-1998 and are a refinement of the original ECS
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency As Needed
Spatial Extent of Data Statewide-Minnesota
Bounding Coordinates -97.5
Place Keywords Minnesota
Theme Keywords Ecological Classification System (ECS), Section, geoscientificInformation
Theme Keyword Thesaurus None
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Use of the data are contrained only by the DNR GIS Data License Agreement
Contact Person Information Tim Loesch, GIS Manager
500 Lafayette Road, Box 11
St. Paul, MN 55155-4011
Phone: 651-259-5475
FAX: (651) 297-4946
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Section 2 Data Quality Information Top of full metadata Top of page
Attribute Accuracy Source table ECS_SECTPY2.DBF: Automated tests were conducted on all data to ensure that no invalid codes exist within the data set
Logical Consistency Data are topolocially correct using ARC/INFO 8.0.2. All polygons are closed and lines intersect where intended.
Completeness All ECS Section level boundaries in the state were re-located based on the definition of the Land Type Association boundaries, the fourth step in the ECS classification process. Significant differences exist between the older version of the ECS data.
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Source layer ecsltpy2: Unknown
Vertical Positional Accuracy Source layer ecsltpy2: Not Applicable
Lineage Attribute Lineage for source table ECS_SECTPY2.DBF: Once the LTA coverage was complete, each polygon was assigned a code based on standards in the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units.
Source Scale Denominator Source layer ecsltpy2: 100000
Section 3 Spatial Data Organization Information Top of full metadata Top of page
Native Data Set Environment Arc/Info 7.1.1
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data
Spatial Object Type vector
Vendor Specific Object Types polygon
Tiling Scheme state
Section 4 Spatial Reference Information Top of full metadata Top of page
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme UTM
Ellipsoid GRS1980
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units meters
Distance Resolution
Altitude Datum Not Applicable
Altitude Units Not Applicable
Depth Datum Not Applicable
Depth Units Not Applicable
Cell Width
Cell Height
Latitude Resolution
Longitude Resolution
UTM Zone Number 15
SPCS Zone Identifier
County Coordinate Zone Identifier
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments Not Applicable
Map Projection Name Transverse Mercator
Map Projection Parameters Not Applicable
Other Coordinate System's Definition Not Applicable
Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information Top of full metadata Top of page
Entity and Attribute Overview Data Elements for Attribute Table ECS_SECTPY2.DBF:

PROVNAME: Name of the geomorphic province that the feature falls within

ECS_PROV: ECS Province Code

SECNAME: The ECS Section name

ECS_SEC: National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units identifier

SUBSECNAME: The ECS Subsection Name

ECS_SUBSEC: National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units identifier

LTANAME: LTA Description

ECS_LTA: National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units identifier

VERSION: ECS Version (Year and Version)

Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation
Value Domain for Data Element PROVNAME:
Eastern Broadleaf Forest = 222
Laurentian Mixed Forest Province = 212
Prairie Parkland Province = 251
Tallgrass Aspen Parklands = 223

Value Domain for Data Element ECS_PROV:
212 = Laurentian Mixed Forest Province
222 = Eastern Broadleaf Forest Province
223 = Tallgrass Aspen Parklands
223 = Tallgrass Aspen Parklands Province
251 = Prairie Parkland Province

Value Domain for Data Element SECNAME:
Lake Agassiz, Aspen Parklands = 223N
Minnesota and NE Iowa Morainal = 222M
N. Minnesota Drift and Lake Plains = 212N
N. Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands = 212M
North Central Glaciated Plains = 251B
Northern Superior Uplands = 212L
Paleozoic Plateau = 222L
Red River Valley = 251A
Southern Superior Uplands = 212J
Western Superior Uplands = 212K

Value Domain for Data Element ECS_SEC:
212J = Southern Superior Uplands
212K = Western Superior Uplands
212L = Northern Superior Uplands
212M = N. Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands
212N = N. Minnesota Drift and Lake Plains
222L = Paleozoic Plateau
222M = Minnesota and NE Iowa Morainal
223N = Lake Agassiz, Aspen Parklands
251A = Red River Valley
251B = North Central Glaciated Plains

Value Domain for Data Element SUBSECNAME:
Agassiz Lowlands = 212Mb
Anoka Sand Plain = 222Mc
Aspen Parklands = 223Na
Big Woods = 222Mb
Border Lakes = 212La
Chippewa Plains = 212Na
Coteau Moraines = 251Bb
Glacial Lake Superior Plain = 212Ja
Hardwood Hills = 222Ma
Inner Coteau = 251Bc
Laurentian Uplands = 212Le
Littlefork-Vermillion Uplands = 212Ma
Mille Lacs Uplands = 212Kb
Minnesota River Prairie = 251Ba
Nashwauk Uplands = 212Lc
North Shore Highlands = 212Lb
Oak Savanna = 222Me
Pine Moraines and Outwash Plains = 212Nc
Red River Prairie = 251Aa
Rochester Plateau = 222Lf
St. Croix Moraine = 212Jd
St. Louis Moraines = 212Nb
St. Paul-Baldwin Plains = 222Md
Tamarack Lowlands = 212Nd
The Blufflands = 222Lc
Toimi Uplands = 212Ld

Value Domain for Data Element ECS_SUBSEC:
212Ja = Glacial Lake Superior Plain
212Jd = St. Croix Moraine
212Kb = Mille Lacs Uplands
212La = Border Lakes
212Lb = North Shore Highlands
212Lc = Nashwauk Uplands
212Ld = Toimi Uplands
212Le = Laurentian Uplands
212Le = Laurentian Highlands
212Ma = Littlefork-Vermillion Uplands
212Ma = Littlefork Vermilion Uplands
212Mb = Agassiz Lowlands
212Na = Chippewa Plains
212Nb = St. Louis Moraines
212Nc = Pine Moraines and Outwash Plains
212Nd = Tamarack Lowlands
222Lc = The Blufflands
222Lf = Rochester Plateau
222Ma = Hardwood Hills
222Mb = Big Woods
222Mc = Anoka Sand Plain
222Md = St. Paul-Baldwin Plains
222Md = St. Paul-Baldwin Plains and Moraines
222Me = Oak Savanna
222Me = Oak Savannah
223Na = Aspen Parklands
251Aa = Red River Prairie
251Ba = Minnesota River Prairie
251Bb = Coteau Moraines
251Bc = Inner Coteau

Value Domain for Data Element LTANAME:
Afton Bedrock Hills = 222Md02
Agram Sand Plain = 222Mc04
Aitkin Moraine = 212Nb02
Alexandria Moraine = 222Ma14
Alida Till Plain = 212Na21
Alluvial Plain = 222Lc01
Almelund Moraine = 212Kb32
Altura Ridgetops = 222Lc10
Amboy Moraine = 251Ba22
Ann Lake Drumlin Plain = 212Kb09
Anoka Lake Plain = 222Mc01
Anthony Lake Plain = 251Aa02
Artichoke Moraine = 251Ba04
Ash Lake Till Plain = 212La17
Audubon Moraine = 251Aa18
Aurora Till Plain = 212Nd05
Automba Drumlin Plain = 212Nb19
Barnesville Beach Complex = 251Aa09
Bass Lake Moraine = 212Nc32
Baudette Lake Plain = 212Mb07
Beach Ridges = 223Na01
Beaver Creek Till Plain = 251Bc04
Becida Till Plain = 212Na22
Bellgrade Sand Plain = 251Ba28
Beltrami-Pine Island Beach Ridges = 212Mb16
Beltrami-Pine Island Peatlands = 212Mb04
Bemidji Sand Plain = 212Na07
Bena Dunes and Peatlands = 212Na08
Berner Lake Plain = 223Na10
Big Rice Moraine = 212Lc07
Big-Bird Lake Moraine = 212Le11
Blackduck Moraine = 212Na18
Blackduck Till Plain = 212Na16
Blooming Prairie Till Plain = 222Me04
Blooming Valley Lake Plain = 223Na07
Blue Mounds = 251Bc03
Bowstring Till Plain = 212Na11
Brainerd Drumlin Plain = 212Kb11
Brimson Sand Plain = 212Lb21
Bronson Lake Plain = 223Na08
Brooke Park Till Plain = 212Kb25
Brooks Lake Plain = 223Na17
Brookston Moraine = 212Lb20
Brownsville Slopes = 222Lc02
Bruno Moraine = 212Kb01
Buffalo Ridge = 251Bb04
Buhl Till Plain = 212Nb15
Bunde Till Plain = 251Ba08
Burns Till Plain = 222Mc02
Burtrum Moraine = 222Ma05
Cabin Lake Till Plain = 212Lb05
Caledonia Ridgetops = 222Lc03
Campbell Lake Plain = 251Aa13
Cannon River Valley = 222Lc07
Chester Ridge = 222Lf01
Chisago Moraine = 212Kb31
Clarissa Drumlin Plain = 222Ma08
Clearbrook Till Plain = 222Ma22
Clinton Moraine = 251Ba01
Clontarf Lake Plain = 251Ba03
Cloquet Sand Plain = 212Lb04
Cloverdale Sand Plain = 212Kb19
Coates Sand Plain = 222Me09
Cook Till Plain = 212Ma21
Coon Lake Till Plain = 212Nb08
Cordova Moraine = 222Mb01
Cormorant Sand Plain = 222Ma21
Corvuso Moraine = 251Ba29
Crow Wing Sand Plain = 212Nc01
Darfur Bedrock Hills = 251Ba18
Debs Till Plain = 212Na19
Deer River Peatlands = 212Na10
Detroit Lakes Sand Plain = 222Ma13
Dohrman Ridge = 223Na18
Douglas Lake-Modified Till Plain = 212Ja01
Duesler Lake Plain = 212Ja09
Duxbury Moraine = 212Kb02
Duxby Lake Plain = 223Na25
Eastside Till Plain = 212Kb05
Effie Till Plain = 212Ma18
Elba Slopes = 222Lc11
Elk River Moraine = 222Mc03
Elko Moriane = 222Mb06
Elm Park Till Plain = 212Kb21
Ely-Knife Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La23
Ericsburg Till Plain = 212Ma02
Erskine Till Plain = 222Ma20
Esquagama Sand Plain = 212Nd06
Felton Lake Plain = 251Aa04
Fergus Falls Till Plain = 251Aa14
Finlayson Till Plain = 212Kb15
Flensburg Sand Plain = 222Ma02
Flom Till Plain = 251Aa12
Floodwood Peatlands = 212Nd03
Forest Lake Moraine = 222Md04
Fourtown Peatlands = 223Na11
Frederic Knolls = 212Jd06
Gabbro Lake Bedrock Compl = 212La13
Gentilly Lake Plain = 223Na15
Gibbon Till Plain = 251Ba20
Gilchrist Moraine = 251Ba09
Goodhue Plain = 222Lf04
Goodland Delta = 212Nb09
Goodridge Lake Plain = 223Na05
Greenview Lake Plain = 251Aa07
Greenwood Lake Till Plain = 212Le10
Grogan Sand Plain = 251Ba21
Guthrie Till Plain = 212Na03
Hallock Lake Plain = 251Aa01
Hamburg Moraine = 222Mb02
HamptonTill Plain = 222Lf05
Haney Till Plain = 212Ma13
Havanna Moraine = 222Me05
Havelock Lake Plain = 251Ba06
Hayfield Till Plain = 222Me08
Henning Till Plain = 212Nc29
Heron Lake Till Plain = 251Bb06
Highland Moriane = 212Lb03
Hill City Till Plain = 212Nb12
Holdingford Till Plain = 222Ma01
Honeymoon Mountain Till Plain = 212Lb08
Hopkins Moraine = 222Mb04
Horton Till Plain = 251Ba10
Indus Lake Plain = 212Mb11
Iosco Moraine = 222Me06
Isabella Moraine = 212Le01
Itasca Moraine = 212Nc16
Itasca Moraine, Steep = 212Nc30
Jelle Peatlands = 212Mb26
Johnson Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La07
Johnson Till Plain = 251Ba15
Kandiyohi Moraine = 251Ba23
Kathio Moraine = 212Kb04
Keister Moraine = 251Ba30
Kelly-Sawbill Landing Tilll Plain = 212Le02
Kettle River Drumlin Plain = 212Kb12
Komensky Moraine = 222Mb07
Koochiching Beach Ridges = 212Ma16
Koochiching Peatlands = 212Ma01
Lac LaCroix Bedrock Complex = 212La08
Lake Benton Till Plain = 251Bb03
Lake Winnibigoshish = 212Na02
Lake of the Woods = 212Mb30
Landcaster Lake Plain = 223Na09
Le Roy Till Plain = 222Me07
Le Sueur Alluvial Plain = 222Mb05
Leech Lake = 212Nc15
Lemond Moraine = 222Me01
Lengby Till Plain = 222Ma19
Lerdal Moriane = 222Me02
Lewiston Plain = 222Lf02
Litomysl Moraine = 222Me03
Little-Big Fork Till Plain = 212Ma03
Lofgren Moraine = 212Ma10
Long Prairie Sand Plain = 222Ma07
Lude Beaches and Peatlands = 212Mb24
Luverne Alluvial Plain = 251Bc05
Luxemburg Sand Plain = 222Ma09
Malcolm Lake Plain = 223Na13
Malmo Peatlands = 212Kb03
Maple Plain Moraine = 222Mb03
Maplewood Moraine = 222Md03
Marcell Moraine = 212Nb07
McIntosh Moraine = 222Ma18
Meire Grove Till Plain = 251Ba32
Mesabi Range = 212Lc10
Milaca Till Plain = 212Kb24
Milan Alluvial Plain = 251Ba05
Mildred Sand Plain = 212Nc12
Mille Lacs Lake = 212Kb16
Mille Lacs Moraine = 212Kb28
Mississippi River Valley = 222Lc08
Mississippi Sand Plain = 222Mc05
Money Creek Hills = 222Lc09
Moose-Willow Peatlands = 212Nd01
Mora Sand Plain = 212Kb23
Morris Moraine = 251Ba14
Mosquito Creek Drumlin Plain = 212Nc06
Mud Lake Plain = 223Na06
Myrtle Lake Peatlands = 212Ma04
Myrtle Lake Till Plain = 212La16
Nary Till Plain = 212Na04
Nashwauk Moraine = 212Lc20
Naytahwaush Moraine = 212Nc34
Nemadji Lake Plain = 212Ja10
Net Lake Till Plain = 212Ma15
New Folden Lake Plain = 223Na02
Nickerson Moraine = 212Kb14
Nimrod Drumlin Plain = 212Nc10
Nokay Sand Plain = 212Kb10
North Shore Till Plain = 212Lb02
Northern Lights Lake Till Plain = 212La35
Outing Moraine = 212Nc14
Palisade Lake Plain = 212Nd08
Park Rapids Sand Plain = 212Nc11
Pemberton Moraine = 251Ba31
Pengilly Till Plain = 212Lc21
Perham Sand Plain = 222Ma12
Phantom Lake Peatland = 212Le09
Pierz Drumlin Plain = 212Kb22
Pig's Eye Alluvial Plain = 222Md05
Pike-Sandy River Sand Plain = 212Lc05
Pillager Sand Plain = 212Nc04
Pine Island Peatlands = 212Mb01
Pine Lake Till Plain = 212Kb08
Pine River Drumlin Plain = 212Nc03
Pokegama Moraine = 212Nb05
Polk Basalt Moraines = 212Jd05
Ponemah Moriane = 212Mb20
Poplar Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La22
Porter Lake Plain = 251Ba11
Prairie River Lake Plain = 212Nb06
Randall Sand Plain = 222Ma06
Rapid River Till Plain = 212Mb08
Rauch Till Plain = 212Ma19
Red Lake Peatlands = 212Mb05
Red Lakes = 212Mb50
Red River Alluvial Plain = 251Aa05
Redby Lake Plain = 212Mb19
Renville Till Plain = 251Ba07
Rice Lake Moraine = 212Nb13
Riverton Moraine = 212Kb27
Root River Valley = 222Lc04
Roscoe Moraine = 222Ma17
Rose Sand Plain = 222Ma10
Roseau Lake Plain = 223Na14
Roseau River Lake Plain = 223Na16
Rosey Lake Plain = 212Na09
Ross Peatlands = 223Na12
Round Lake Sand Plain = 212Nc33
Rove Slate Bedrock Complex = 212La14
Rush City Moraine = 212Kb26
Saganaga Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La21
Sand Hill Lake Plain = 251Aa06
Sandy Lake Moraine = 212Nb10
Sawtooth Mountain Bedrock Complex = 212Lb11
Scandia Valley Sand Plain = 212Nc05
Seven Beavers Peatland = 212Le08
Shell Lake Moraine = 212Nc28
Slayton Moraine = 251Bb02
Smith Road Till Plain = 212Ma14
Solana Till Plain = 212Kb07
South Rapids Lake Plain = 212Nd02
Split Rock Till Plain = 212Lb01
Spring Brook Till Plain = 212Nc13
St. Croix Moraine = 212Nc02
St. Croix Terraces = 212Kb18
St. Rosa Till Plain = 222Ma03
Stanchfield Lake Plain = 212Kb20
Stewartville Plain = 222Lf03
Stillwater Alluvial Plain = 222Md06
Strandquist Lake Plain = 223Na03
Sturgeon River Till Plain = 212Mb17
Sugar Hills Moraine = 212Nb03
Swamp River Till Plain = 212La11
Swan Creek Sand Plain = 212Nc08
Temperance River Till Plain = 212Le04
Tettegouche Till Plain = 212Lb10
Thief Lake Peatlands = 223Na19
Thief River Falls Lake Plain = 223Na04
Three Rivers Peatlands = 212Kb06
Timber Freer Till Plain = 212Le03
Toimi Drumlin Plain = 212Ld01
Tracey Till Plain = 251Bb01
Trosky Till Plain = 251Bc02
Trout Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La15
Two Inlets Moraine = 212Nc31
Two Island Lake Moraine = 212La36
Underwood Moraine = 222Ma15
Urbank Moraine = 222Ma11
Vawler Moraine = 222Ma04
Vegetable Lakes Till Plain = 212La37
Vermilion Bedrock Complex = 212La34
Verndale Sand Plain = 212Nc07
Vernon Center Moraine = 251Ba27
Voyageurs Bedrock Complex = 212La09
Wadena Drumlin Plain = 212Nc09
Warba Lake Plain = 212Nd04
Warren Lake Plain = 251Aa03
Warroad Till Plain = 212Mb25
Wescott Moraine = 222Md01
Whalsten Till Plain = 212Lc06
White Earth Moraine = 222Ma16
White Iron Lake Bedrock Complex = 212La24
Whitewater River Valley = 222Lc05
Williams-Skime Lake Plain = 212Mb09
Willow River Sand Plain = 212Kb13
Windom Moraine = 251Bb05
Woodstock Till Plain = 251Bc01
Wright Till Plain = 212Nb11
Zumbro River Valley = 222Lc06

Value Domain for Data Element ECS_LTA:
212Ja01 = Douglas Lake-Modified Till Plain
212Ja09 = Duesler Lake Plain
212Ja10 = Nemadji Lake Plain
212Jd05 = Polk Basalt Moraines
212Jd06 = Frederic Knolls
212Kb01 = Bruno Moraine
212Kb02 = Duxbury Moraine
212Kb03 = Malmo Peatlands
212Kb04 = Kathio Moraine
212Kb05 = Eastside Till Plain
212Kb06 = Three Rivers Peatlands
212Kb07 = Solana Till Plain
212Kb08 = Pine Lake Till Plain
212Kb09 = Ann Lake Drumlin Plain
212Kb10 = Nokay Sand Plain
212Kb11 = Brainerd Drumlin Plain
212Kb12 = Kettle River Drumlin Plain
212Kb13 = Willow River Sand Plain
212Kb14 = Nickerson Moraine
212Kb15 = Finlayson Till Plain
212Kb16 = Mille Lacs Lake
212Kb18 = St. Croix Terraces
212Kb19 = Cloverdale Sand Plain
212Kb20 = Stanchfield Lake Plain
212Kb21 = Elm Park Till Plain
212Kb22 = Pierz Drumlin Plain
212Kb23 = Mora Sand Plain
212Kb24 = Milaca Till Plain
212Kb25 = Brooke Park Till Plain
212Kb26 = Rush City Moraine
212Kb27 = Riverton Moraine
212Kb28 = Mille Lacs Moraine
212Kb31 = Chisago Moraine
212Kb32 = Almelund Moraine
212La07 = Johnson Lake Bedrock Complex
212La08 = Lac LaCroix Bedrock Complex
212La09 = Voyageurs Bedrock Complex
212La11 = Swamp River Till Plain
212La13 = Gabbro Lake Bedrock Compl
212La14 = Rove Slate Bedrock Complex
212La15 = Trout Lake Bedrock Complex
212La16 = Myrtle Lake Till Plain
212La17 = Ash Lake Till Plain
212La21 = Saganaga Lake Bedrock Complex
212La22 = Poplar Lake Bedrock Complex
212La23 = Ely-Knife Lake Bedrock Complex
212La24 = White Iron Lake Bedrock Complex
212La34 = Vermilion Bedrock Complex
212La35 = Northern Lights Lake Till Plain
212La36 = Two Island Lake Moraine
212La37 = Vegetable Lakes Till Plain
212Lb01 = Split Rock Till Plain
212Lb02 = North Shore Till Plain
212Lb03 = Highland Moriane
212Lb04 = Cloquet Sand Plain
212Lb05 = Cabin Lake Till Plain
212Lb08 = Honeymoon Mountain Till Plain
212Lb10 = Tettegouche Till Plain
212Lb11 = Sawtooth Mountain Bedrock Complex
212Lb20 = Brookston Moraine
212Lb21 = Brimson Sand Plain
212Lc05 = Pike-Sandy River Sand Plain
212Lc06 = Whalsten Till Plain
212Lc07 = Big Rice Moraine
212Lc10 = Mesabi Range
212Lc20 = Nashwauk Moraine
212Lc21 = Pengilly Till Plain
212Ld01 = Toimi Drumlin Plain
212Le01 = Isabella Moraine
212Le02 = Kelly-Sawbill Landing Tilll Plain
212Le03 = Timber Freer Till Plain
212Le04 = Temperance River Till Plain
212Le08 = Seven Beavers Peatland
212Le09 = Phantom Lake Peatland
212Le10 = Greenwood Lake Till Plain
212Le11 = Big-Bird Lake Moraine
212Ma01 = Koochiching Peatlands
212Ma02 = Ericsburg Till Plain
212Ma03 = Little-Big Fork Till Plain
212Ma04 = Myrtle Lake Peatlands
212Ma10 = Lofgren Moraine
212Ma13 = Haney Till Plain
212Ma14 = Smith Road Till Plain
212Ma15 = Net Lake Till Plain
212Ma16 = Koochiching Beach Ridges
212Ma18 = Effie Till Plain
212Ma19 = Rauch Till Plain
212Ma21 = Cook Till Plain
212Mb01 = Pine Island Peatlands
212Mb04 = Beltrami-Pine Island Peatlands
212Mb05 = Red Lake Peatlands
212Mb07 = Baudette Lake Plain
212Mb08 = Rapid River Till Plain
212Mb09 = Williams-Skime Lake Plain
212Mb11 = Indus Lake Plain
212Mb16 = Beltrami-Pine Island Beach Ridges
212Mb17 = Sturgeon River Till Plain
212Mb19 = Redby Lake Plain
212Mb20 = Ponemah Moriane
212Mb24 = Lude Beaches and Peatlands
212Mb25 = Warroad Till Plain
212Mb26 = Jelle Peatlands
212Mb30 = Lake of the Woods
212Mb50 = Red Lakes
212Na02 = Lake Winnibigoshish
212Na03 = Guthrie Till Plain
212Na04 = Nary Till Plain
212Na07 = Bemidji Sand Plain
212Na08 = Bena Dunes and Peatlands
212Na09 = Rosey Lake Plain
212Na10 = Deer River Peatlands
212Na11 = Bowstring Till Plain
212Na16 = Blackduck Till Plain
212Na18 = Blackduck Moraine
212Na19 = Debs Till Plain
212Na21 = Alida Till Plain
212Na22 = Becida Till Plain
212Nb02 = Aitkin Moraine
212Nb03 = Sugar Hills Moraine
212Nb05 = Pokegama Moraine
212Nb06 = Prairie River Lake Plain
212Nb07 = Marcell Moraine
212Nb08 = Coon Lake Till Plain
212Nb09 = Goodland Delta
212Nb10 = Sandy Lake Moraine
212Nb11 = Wright Till Plain
212Nb12 = Hill City Till Plain
212Nb13 = Rice Lake Moraine
212Nb15 = Buhl Till Plain
212Nb19 = Automba Drumlin Plain
212Nc01 = Crow Wing Sand Plain
212Nc02 = St. Croix Moraine
212Nc03 = Pine River Drumlin Plain
212Nc04 = Pillager Sand Plain
212Nc05 = Scandia Valley Sand Plain
212Nc06 = Mosquito Creek Drumlin Plain
212Nc07 = Verndale Sand Plain
212Nc08 = Swan Creek Sand Plain
212Nc09 = Wadena Drumlin Plain
212Nc10 = Nimrod Drumlin Plain
212Nc11 = Park Rapids Sand Plain
212Nc12 = Mildred Sand Plain
212Nc13 = Spring Brook Till Plain
212Nc14 = Outing Moraine
212Nc15 = Leech Lake
212Nc16 = Itasca Moraine
212Nc28 = Shell Lake Moraine
212Nc29 = Henning Till Plain
212Nc30 = Itasca Moraine, Steep
212Nc31 = Two Inlets Moraine
212Nc32 = Bass Lake Moraine
212Nc33 = Round Lake Sand Plain
212Nc34 = Naytahwaush Moraine
212Nd01 = Moose-Willow Peatlands
212Nd02 = South Rapids Lake Plain
212Nd03 = Floodwood Peatlands
212Nd04 = Warba Lake Plain
212Nd05 = Aurora Till Plain
212Nd06 = Esquagama Sand Plain
212Nd08 = Palisade Lake Plain
222Lc01 = Alluvial Plain
222Lc02 = Brownsville Slopes
222Lc03 = Caledonia Ridgetops
222Lc04 = Root River Valley
222Lc05 = Whitewater River Valley
222Lc06 = Zumbro River Valley
222Lc07 = Cannon River Valley
222Lc08 = Mississippi River Valley
222Lc09 = Money Creek Hills
222Lc10 = Altura Ridgetops
222Lc11 = Elba Slopes
222Lf01 = Chester Ridge
222Lf02 = Lewiston Plain
222Lf03 = Stewartville Plain
222Lf04 = Goodhue Plain
222Lf05 = HamptonTill Plain
222Ma01 = Holdingford Till Plain
222Ma02 = Flensburg Sand Plain
222Ma03 = St. Rosa Till Plain
222Ma04 = Vawler Moraine
222Ma05 = Burtrum Moraine
222Ma06 = Randall Sand Plain
222Ma07 = Long Prairie Sand Plain
222Ma08 = Clarissa Drumlin Plain
222Ma09 = Luxemburg Sand Plain
222Ma10 = Rose Sand Plain
222Ma11 = Urbank Moraine
222Ma12 = Perham Sand Plain
222Ma13 = Detroit Lakes Sand Plain
222Ma14 = Alexandria Moraine
222Ma15 = Underwood Moraine
222Ma16 = White Earth Moraine
222Ma17 = Roscoe Moraine
222Ma18 = McIntosh Moraine
222Ma19 = Lengby Till Plain
222Ma20 = Erskine Till Plain
222Ma21 = Cormorant Sand Plain
222Ma22 = Clearbrook Till Plain
222Mb01 = Cordova Moraine
222Mb02 = Hamburg Moraine
222Mb03 = Maple Plain Moraine
222Mb04 = Hopkins Moraine
222Mb05 = Le Sueur Alluvial Plain
222Mb06 = Elko Moriane
222Mb07 = Komensky Moraine
222Mc01 = Anoka Lake Plain
222Mc02 = Burns Till Plain
222Mc03 = Elk River Moraine
222Mc04 = Agram Sand Plain
222Mc05 = Mississippi Sand Plain
222Md01 = Wescott Moraine
222Md02 = Afton Bedrock Hills
222Md03 = Maplewood Moraine
222Md04 = Forest Lake Moraine
222Md05 = Pig's Eye Alluvial Plain
222Md06 = Stillwater Alluvial Plain
222Me01 = Lemond Moraine
222Me02 = Lerdal Moriane
222Me03 = Litomysl Moraine
222Me04 = Blooming Prairie Till Plain
222Me05 = Havanna Moraine
222Me06 = Iosco Moraine
222Me07 = Le Roy Till Plain
222Me08 = Hayfield Till Plain
222Me09 = Coates Sand Plain
223Na01 = Beach Ridges
223Na02 = New Folden Lake Plain
223Na03 = Strandquist Lake Plain
223Na04 = Thief River Falls Lake Plain
223Na05 = Goodridge Lake Plain
223Na06 = Mud Lake Plain
223Na07 = Blooming Valley Lake Plain
223Na08 = Bronson Lake Plain
223Na09 = Landcaster Lake Plain
223Na10 = Berner Lake Plain
223Na11 = Fourtown Peatlands
223Na12 = Ross Peatlands
223Na13 = Malcolm Lake Plain
223Na14 = Roseau Lake Plain
223Na15 = Gentilly Lake Plain
223Na16 = Roseau River Lake Plain
223Na17 = Brooks Lake Plain
223Na18 = Dohrman Ridge
223Na19 = Thief Lake Peatlands
223Na25 = Duxby Lake Plain
251Aa01 = Hallock Lake Plain
251Aa02 = Anthony Lake Plain
251Aa03 = Warren Lake Plain
251Aa04 = Felton Lake Plain
251Aa05 = Red River Alluvial Plain
251Aa06 = Sand Hill Lake Plain
251Aa07 = Greenview Lake Plain
251Aa09 = Barnesville Beach Complex
251Aa12 = Flom Till Plain
251Aa13 = Campbell Lake Plain
251Aa14 = Fergus Falls Till Plain
251Aa18 = Audubon Moraine
251Ba01 = Clinton Moraine
251Ba03 = Clontarf Lake Plain
251Ba04 = Artichoke Moraine
251Ba05 = Milan Alluvial Plain
251Ba06 = Havelock Lake Plain
251Ba07 = Renville Till Plain
251Ba08 = Bunde Till Plain
251Ba09 = Gilchrist Moraine
251Ba10 = Horton Till Plain
251Ba11 = Porter Lake Plain
251Ba14 = Morris Moraine
251Ba15 = Johnson Till Plain
251Ba18 = Darfur Bedrock Hills
251Ba20 = Gibbon Till Plain
251Ba21 = Grogan Sand Plain
251Ba22 = Amboy Moraine
251Ba23 = Kandiyohi Moraine
251Ba27 = Vernon Center Moraine
251Ba28 = Bellgrade Sand Plain
251Ba29 = Corvuso Moraine
251Ba30 = Keister Moraine
251Ba31 = Pemberton Moraine
251Ba32 = Meire Grove Till Plain
251Bb01 = Tracey Till Plain
251Bb02 = Slayton Moraine
251Bb03 = Lake Benton Till Plain
251Bb04 = Buffalo Ridge
251Bb05 = Windom Moraine
251Bb06 = Heron Lake Till Plain
251Bc01 = Woodstock Till Plain
251Bc02 = Trosky Till Plain
251Bc03 = Blue Mounds
251Bc04 = Beaver Creek Till Plain
251Bc05 = Luverne Alluvial Plain

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2000a = Initial LTA Published Polygons
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