Metadata: Lake Basin Littoral Zone

Lake Basin Littoral Zone

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Section 1: Overview

Originator:DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife - Section of Fisheries

Title: Lake Basin Littoral Zone

Abstract: 15-Foot Standard: Polygons showing the DNR Fisheries calculated littoral zone based on a standard 15-foot depth contour. For this standard, all lake areas 0-15 feet in depth are considered to be littoral zone. This definition is historically based on the maximum depth of light penetration to the lake bottom for plant growth (although the actual depth of light penetration varies by lake due to water clarity---see Observed).

Observed: Polygons showing the estimated littoral zone of a lake based on the maximum observed depth of plant growth from individual Lake Survey transects. ‘Observed’ depths will usually differ from the 15-ft standard. In very clear lakes, observed vegetation depths will be >15 feet; in turbid lakes, <15 feet.

Purpose: This data was developed to assist in resource management and research applications by furthering the basic understanding of the littoral zone of a lake. Littoral area has implications for available habitat, spawning sites, productivity, oxygen levels, and erosion/sedimentation dynamics.

Time Period of Content Date: 10/06/2021

Currentness Reference: Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the dataset. Littoral zone estimates are derived from existing Lake Bathymetry products (i.e., DEMs and contour lines: 15-foot contour for Standard Littoral Zone and contour of observed maximum depth of vegetation for Observed Littoral Zone). Lake bathymetric contour lines and DEMs are derived from existing lake contour maps of variable dates. (See Quick Layers:Hydrography:Lake Bathymetric Outline for field work dates of individual lakes.) Values for maximum depth of vegetation come from transect observations recorded during individual Lake Surveys (various dates). Vegetation depth values (when they exist) were used to estimate the Observed Littoral Zone.

Progress: In work

Maintenance and Update Frequency: Irregular

Spatial Extent of Data: Statewide, however GIS products have only been completed for selected lakes at this time. Products can only be generated for lakes having DNR Lake Contour Maps (~5000 lakes) or those with GPS-depth data. Products are generated by request only.

Bounding Coordinates: -96.719299

Place Keywords: Minnesota

Theme Keywords: hydrography, lakes, littoral zone, habitat, inlandWaters

Theme Keyword Thesaurus:

Access Constraints: None

Use Constraints: Internal DNR use is unrestricted. External use is constrained by the standard, general DNR GIS Data License Agreement

Contact Person Information: Andy Williquett, GIS Data Contact
Minnesota DNR - Fisheries
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5244

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Associated Data Sets:

Section 2: Data Quality

Attribute Accuracy:

Logical Consistency:

Completeness: GIS products have been completed for a group of selected lakes. Work is proceeding on a lake-by-lake basis following priorities set by DNR Fisheries and by request.

Horizontal Positional Accuracy:


Section 3: Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4: Coordinate System

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme: Universal Transverse Mercator

UTM Zone Number: 15

Horizontal Datum: NAD83

Horizontal Units: meters

Vertical Datum: not applicable

Vertical Units: Not Applicable

Depth Datum: not applicable

Depth Units: Not Applicable

Section 5: Attributes


Detailed Citation:

Table Detail:
lake_basin_littoral_zone_observed - Feature Class Attribute Table
Field NameValid ValuesDefinitionDefinition Source
DOWLKNUMenumeratedMinnesota DNR Division of Waters Lake ID (sub-basin number;may end in '01, 02, etc.; refers to a single basin)
010001-879999The first two digits (01-87) of these composite codes denote which county the lake is in.
Surface area of lake basin in acres
LK_PCTLTRLenumeratedPercentage estimated littoral zone area as compared to the total lake area. Island polygon area not included. Derived from lake bathymetric outline, DEM, and maximum depth of vegetation.
Littoral zone area expressed in acres. Derived from lake bathymetric DEM and maximum depth of vegetation as observed during individual lake surveys.
Depth of littoral zone

Section 6: Distribution

Publisher: DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife - Section of Fisheries

Publication Date: 2004-06-15 00:00:00.0

Contact Person Information: Zeb Thomas, GIS Data Systems Coordinator
Minnesota DNR - GIS
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5637

Distributor's Data Set Identifier: water_lake_basin_littoral_zones

Distribution Liability: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources General Geographic Data License Agreement is online:

Ordering Instructions: Please visit the download page for this dataset on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons website using the web link below (Online Linkage).

The DNR retains the copyright on these lake maps. To use any of this information commercially, you must fill out the following form and send it to MNIT@DNR FIsheries, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155-4025:

Online Linkage: I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will either begin the download process, link to a service, or provide more instructions. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7: Metadata Reference

Metadata Date: 10/06/2021

Contact Person Information: Andy Williquett, GIS Data Contact
Minnesota DNR - Fisheries
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5244

Metadata Standard Name: Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines

Metadata Standard Version: 1.2

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