Metadata: Estimated Statewide Nitrogen Fertilizer use by county in Minnesota for crop year 2014

Estimated Statewide Nitrogen Fertilizer use by county in Minnesota for crop year 2014

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Section 1: Overview

Originator:Department of Soil, Water & Climate - University of Minnesota

Title: Estimated Statewide Nitrogen Fertilizer use by county in Minnesota for crop year 2014

Abstract: Nitrogen fertilizer use was estimated for the state on a county basis. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Survey was used to determine fertilizer rates on corn ( At the time this data layer was created, 2014 was the most recent survey data. These data were aggregated to the county level. When the survey did not report a specific county due to privacy concerns or lack of data, the BMP regional rate was applied to that county. Fertilizer rates for other major crops (Alfalfa/Hay, Barley, Oats, Soybeans, Sugarbeets, Potatoes, Wheat) were determined from other nutrient management surveys as well as NASS data and supplemented with University of Minnesota recommendations when data was not available. A statewide average rate was used on these 7 crops, while corn used county average rates because of available data. The 2014 Cropland Data Layer was utilized to determine the spatial extent of major crops, and due to variability in CDL accuracies for different crops, these data were scaled to match NASS reports for planted acreages in 2014.


Time Period of Content Date: 2014

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Contact Person Information: Jake Galzki, GIS Analyst
Department of Soil, Water & Climate, University of Minnesota
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN  55108
Phone: 612-625-0445

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Section 2: Data Quality

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Section 3: Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4: Coordinate System

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme: Universal Transverse Mercator

UTM Zone Number: 15

Horizontal Datum: NAD83

Horizontal Units: meters

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Section 5: Attributes


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Table Detail:
Field NameValid ValuesDefinitionDefinition Source
Internal feature number.Esri
Feature geometry.Esri
Average Nitrogen Fertilizer rate applied to the 2014 corn crop in lbs/ac
Total estimated Nitrogen fertilizer applied in 2014 to all major crops in pounds

Section 6: Distribution


Publication Date: 01/15/2020

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