Metadata: Springs in Minnesota

Springs in Minnesota

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Section 1: Overview

Originator:University of Minnesota, Department of Geology and Geophysics; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Ecological and Water Resources Division

Title: Springs in Minnesota

Abstract: Inventory of springs in Minnesota. These data are collected and compiled by the Minnesota DNR as a tool to help create awareness of and appreciation for this resource so spring flows can be maintained and groundwater-dependent resources can be protected. These data include locations compiled in the Karst Features Database (Minnesota Geological Survey), locations from historical documents, field surveys by DNR staff, and approved citizen submittals through a citizen reporting application.

Purpose: The Minnesota Spring Inventory (MSI) was created to help provide information and protection for a valuable yet poorly understood resource. The information can be used to identify sampling locations, monitor groundwater conditions, guide fish stocking locations, site park trails, identify and monitor critical habitat, and identify conditions for building construction. Spring data are collected from historical information, existing surveys, on tablets in the field using an ESRI Survey 123 web mapping application, by citizens using the web based Minnesota Spring Inventory Recording Application, stream surveys from DNR Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Minnesota Geological Survey Karst Features Database, postcard surveys, and other available sources. Legacy data is incorporated though compilation of historical documents and surveys.

Time Period of Content Date: 04/22/2024

Currentness Reference: Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the dataset.

Progress: In work

Maintenance and Update Frequency: Daily

Spatial Extent of Data: State of Minnesota

Bounding Coordinates: -97.23

Place Keywords: Minnesota

Theme Keywords: Springs

Theme Keyword Thesaurus:

Access Constraints:

Use Constraints:

Contact Person Information: Jim Berg,
Minnesota DNR - Division of Ecological and Water Resources
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5680

Browse Graphic: Click to view a data sample.

Associated Data Sets: Karst Feature Database (KFDB)

Section 2: Data Quality

Attribute Accuracy:

Logical Consistency:

Completeness: Ongoing

Horizontal Positional Accuracy:

Vertical Positional Accuracy:

Lineage: Inventory of springs in Minnesota. The origin of the data are the springs inventoried for the Karst Feature Database (KFDB) by the University of Minnesota, Department of Geology and Geophysics, and the Minnesota Geological Survey. That data has been expanded to include the entire state.

New data is being collected with ArcGIS Survey123. The data is reviewed and promoted to the production layer using a web app - Spring Inventory System.

Other data, such as from Fisheries, MBS, and the MPCA, was loaded into the 'candidate' layer to be reviewed and promoted with Spring S

New springs can also be created directly with Spring Inventory System. They can also originate from the general publich using the Minnesota Spring Inventory Reporting App.

Section 3: Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4: Coordinate System

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme: Universal Transverse Mercator

UTM Zone Number: 15

Horizontal Datum: NAD83

Horizontal Units: meters

Vertical Datum:

Vertical Units:

Depth Datum:

Depth Units:

Section 5: Attributes


Detailed Citation:

Table Detail:

Section 6: Distribution

Publisher: Minnesota DNR - Ecological and Water Resources

Publication Date: 04/26/2017

Contact Person Information: Zeb Thomas, GIS Data Systems Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5637

Distributor's Data Set Identifier: env_mn_springs_inventory

Distribution Liability: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources General Geographic Data License Agreement is online:

Ordering Instructions: Please visit the download page for this dataset on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons website using the web link below (Online Linkage).

Online Linkage: I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will either begin the download process, link to a service, or provide more instructions. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7: Metadata Reference

Metadata Date: 06/30/2017

Contact Person Information: Bart Richardson, GIS and Database Coordinator
Minnesota DNR - Ecological and Water Resources Business Services
500 Lafayette Rd
Saint Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-259-5796

Metadata Standard Name: Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines

Metadata Standard Version: 1.2

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