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ACS – Poverty Status – Under 18 Years Old

This data layer depicts the Poverty Status of those Under 18 Years Old. It was developed by Minnesota Compass and the Natural Resources Research Institute using data from the American Community Survey (ACS). The Poverty Status of those Under 18 Years Old indicates the percentage of 0-17 year olds that are living below the poverty line. Note that these are statistical estimates and do not include the margin of error. The ACS is conducted on an annual basis by the US Census Bureau. It covers housing, demographic, social, and economic topics. The annual results are aggregated into 5-year intervals from 2013 to 2017 to produce more accurate estimates. Data is summarized at the Census Block Group level. The ACS provides more timely data than the Census for identifying trends in a community. Poverty status data is important for planners or project managers to assess a community's well-being and economically at-risk populations. Communities with high poverty rates may be prioritized for projects that boost local economies and jobs, as well as programs that serve the needs of those most in need.

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