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Fertilizer (Synthetic) – Nitrogen – 2018

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Data Source:University of Minnesota
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Date Acquired:3/15/22
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This data layer shows estimated nitrogen density (elemental pounds per cultivated acre) applied to the landscape in fertilizer in Minnesota by HUC8 watershed in 2018. It was developed by the University of Minnesota. Fertilizer use for eight major crops was estimated. Spatial extent of these crops was acquired from the 2018 Cropland Data Layer. For corn, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Survey or regional Best Management Practices for fertilizer was used to determine fertilizer rates. Fertilizer rates for other major crops (alfalfa/hay, barley, oats, soybeans, sugarbeets, potatoes, wheat) were determined from nutrient management surveys, the National Agricultural Statistics Service data, and supplemented with the University of Minnesota recommendations when data was not available. Agriculture is an important economic activity in Minnesota. When not properly managed, excess nutrients from agriculture can enter surface and groundwater.

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