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Forest Cover Type – Pine County – 2021

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Data Source:MN Dept. of Natural Resources
Update Fequency:None planned
Date Acquired:3/7/2022
Data Available:No
Metadata Available:Yes

This data represents the Forest Cover Type of Pine County. It was developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR). It was developed in fall of 2021 using sentinel-2 imagery and cover type samples collected using MN DNR Forest Inventory Module stands, MN DNR Parcel Based Inventory plots, US Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis plots, and digitized points using aerial imagery. In total, 14 classes were mapped using 264 training plots. Google Earth Engine was used to conduct the randomForest classification and produce the cover type map. This information can provide foresters a better understanding of the landscape and how it should be managed.

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