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Forestry – Lidar: Basal Area (square feet/acre) – 2019

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Data Source:MN Dept. of Natural Resources
Update Fequency:None planned
Date Acquired:3/7/2022
Data Available:No
Metadata Available:Yes

This data is a Lidar-derived estimate of the Basal Area of trees. It was developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources using Lidar that was collected in 2019. It represents stand basal in square feet per acre for all trees of five inches or larger diameter at breast height. The field sample data were collected over 120 plots of one-tenth acre size, and the plot-level basal area was calculated by summing up the basal areas of individual trees at breast height level. The Lidarpoint cloud-based metrics were also computed for each of the plots, and a relationship (linear regression model) was developed between the field measured basal area and the Lidarvariables. The model was finally extended over the entire area of interest using selected Lidarpredictors at 20 meter spatial resolution. This information can provide foresters a better understanding of the stand and how it should be managed.

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