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State Lands – DNR Management Units

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Data Source:MN Dept. of Natural Resources
Update Fequency:Continually
Date Acquired:2/29/2024
Data Available:Yes
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This layer indicates the boundaries of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) Management Units. It was developed by the MN DNR. Management Units are lands acquired, administered, and/or managed by the MN DNR. They include areas within the boundaries of Aquatic Management Areas, Scientific and Natural Areas, Wildlife Management Areas, Forests, State Parks, State Recreation Areas, and State Waysides. The land in these units is managed for a variety purposes that provide both economic and ecological benefits to the areas and people surrounding them. Depending on the unit type, they can be managed to provide forest products, improved air and water quality, species and habitat conservation, recreation, educational opportunities, and more.

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