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WQ – Streams – FWMC – Nitrogen

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Data Source:MN Pollution Control Agency, Natural Resources Research Institute
Update Fequency:Annually
Date Acquired:6/30/2022
Data Available:Yes
Metadata Available:Yes
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This data layer indicates the Flow Weighted Mean Concentration (FWMC) of Nitrogen for streams in watersheds throughout the state. It was developed at the Natural Resources Research Institute using data from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network (WPLMN). The WPLMN program began in 2007 and uses water quality and flow data to calculate nutrient and sediment loads and concentrations from 199 major and sub-watersheds across the state. FWMC are calculated by dividing the total load over the estimation time period by the total streamflow. These data can be used for watershed modeling, determining pollutant source contributions, tracking water quality trends, and assessing water quality restoration efforts. Nitrogen often co-limits growth of algae and plants in lakes and streams. Elevated levels of nitrogen can lead to undesirable levels of algal and aquatic plant growth and can cause health problems in people.

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