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Protected Areas

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Data Source:US Geological Survey
Update Fequency:Annually
Date Acquired:9/9/2022
Data Available:Yes
Metadata Available:Yes

This data layer indicates the boundaries of areas in the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US 3.0), including public lands owned in fee, easements, and administrative designations, by general land manager type. It was developed by the US Geological Survey. It is a compilation of datasets of protected areas, including public open space and voluntarily provided, private protected areas. Lands are mostly public lands owned in fee; long-term easements, leases, and agreements or administrative designations may also be included. Federal and state data are mostly complete, while local government and private data are yet to be fully collected. The Minnesota dataset was created using the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) dataset "Administered Lands - DNR Management Units," which includes Aquatic Management Areas (AMA), Scientific and Natural Areas (SNA), State Forests, Other Forest Lands (lands administered by MN DNR Forestry not within a State Forest Boundary), State Parks, State Recreation Areas, State Waysides, and Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). PAD-US aims to provide a comprehensive and complete nationwide inventory of protected areas (lands and waters) dedicated to the preservation of biological diversity and other natural, recreational, or cultural uses.

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