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Soils – Grid – Drainage Index

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Data Source:MN Dept. of Natural Resources
Date Acquired:3/7/2022
Data Available:No
Metadata Available:Yes

This data layer is a composite raster of the Soil Drainage Index from the Natural Resources Conservation Service's Gridded Soil Survey Geographic Database (gSSURGO) and US Digital General Soil Map (STATSGO2). It was compiled by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. SSURGO contains information on soils collected by the National Cooperative Soil Survey over the course of a century. STATSGO2 is a generalized classification of soils where detailed soil surveys are not available. The Soil Drainage Index was developed by Schaetzl et al. with support from the US Forest Service. It is based primarily on depth to the water table and the soil volume available for rooting and is a measure of long-term soil wetness and indicates the amount of water that soil can make available to plants. Values range from 0 to 99, with 0 supplying almost no water and 99 supplying the most water. The drainage characteristics of soil dictate the types of vegetation that can grow and the activities that can take place.

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