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USFWS – Simplified Sites

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Data Source:US Fish & Wildlife Service
Update Fequency:As Needed
Date Acquired:6/3/2022
Data Available:Yes
Metadata Available:Yes
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This data layer indicates the location of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Simplified Sites. It was developed by the USFWS. Simplified Sites are the areas in which the USFWS has a realty interest. These include Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA), and National Wildlife Refuges (NWR). These interests also include WMA, NWR, and Wetland Management Districts (WMD) that the Farm Service Agency (United States Department of Agriculture) has an interest in. A primary goal of WMA, WPA, NWR, and WMD are to create and enhance habitat for wildlife. Many of them are also open to the public for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, paddling, and hiking.

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